1000 Collages Inspiration

I was first inspired to create a daily collage by reading an article in Somerset Studio magazine about Randel Plowman’s “A Collage a Day” blog. About a year into the 1000 Collages project, I bought Plowman’s The Collage Workbook: How to Get Started and Stay Inspired.  The book stayed on my studio table for the next two years.

The book includes the basics of collage making: tools, materials, design basics, and techniques.  But for me, the most useful and fun section of the book is Plowman’s “50 Creativity Exercises.”  There were plenty of days over the course of three years when I didn’t feel like making a collage.  On those days, there was always at least one exercise that could move me.  I used one of my favorites, “Typography,” so often I dedicated one of my galleries (Text Effects) to the results.  And even if I didn’t feel like reading, there was plenty of eye candy for inspiration.


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